Monday, 15 August 2011

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If FarmVille can attract over 45 million virtual farmers online, Jimmy Buffett is betting it can serve up more than a few frozen concoctions in his Margaritaville line.
The musician is working with game developer THQon a free-to-play online social game, due this year on Facebook and Apple iPad, lined with attractions tailor-made for the following Buffett Parrothead.
“You can build a boat (and) you can build a bar. You have to escape the pirates. You can have adventures,” said Buffett. “You can go to Margaritaville.”
Like other online gambling, Margaritaville Online will allow players to earn virtual currency to buy loot in the game and spend real money to customize their game more quickly. Buffett seeks to incorporate a feature that allows players to grow virtual goods as rewards in Margaritaville restaurants. “If you buy virtual cheeseburgers and margaritas to send to friends, which should save you a real hamburger or beer in a restaurant,” he said.
Over the years, the singer was raised with all kinds of online businesses. As Margaritaville grew up in a multi-billion worth of its own with more than a dozen restaurants and hotels, as well as food, beer and alcoholic beverages, Buffett “carefully lifeguarded” as an entertainment property.
Online games social has become “the next new, new thing,” said Buffett, but he expected “a good time to come and someone who knows (Margaritaville) and is a fan and the obtained.’s exactly what happened. ”
Among developers Exploding Games barrel, which is making the game for publisher THQ Creative Director Chris Parry is a lifelong fan of Buffett. The company in Vancouver, British Columbia, released the game Facebook Top bar last year.
The characters and destinations in the game are based on Buffett’s life, songs and books. There is a boat captain and Tony outpost Planes, based on the late former Westmayor Key – told in the last song Mango in Paris-and-trading market’s Joe Post, a nod to his 1992 book Where is Joe Merchant? “They were fans, and what they put in was exactly what you think,” Buffett said.
Currently on tour, Buffett remains involved in development. . They come with storyboards and lines, and I see the process then I do what I do:. Buffettizing When I first arrived and saw the character designs, I gotta go to Margaritaville. ”

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