Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spy Camera Sunglasses

spy camera sunglasses Spy Camera Sunglasses

Spying someone�s personal activity using camera wouldn�t be impossible anymore. All the gadget presenting in the fiction movies and comic might be just an imagination for years ago but today you can find any gadget you�ve never seen before unless in the movies or comic.

Capturing still picture without bringing conventional camera since you want to spy on her/him, it is not a dream anymore. You can do it with these fabulous spy camera sunglasses. These sunglasses are able to capture up to 1.3 megapixel still images with resolution at 1280×1024. You can shoot images stealth-style photo with RF remote control easily. These spy camera sunglasses enable you to listen to music as well besides shooting images. There are two preferences of storages, 1 GB or 4GB. They are embedded with ear buds for MP3 playback for your convenient listening music and you can hook them up when not listening on it. These sunglasses are completed with UV400 polarized flip-up lens. USB 2.0 enables you to upload and download data. It enables you to re-charge the Li-ion 3.7V, 240mAh battery too. These compact sunglasses are certainly perfect for your style and your need.

You do not need to hesitate owning this sunglasses since it is affordable. You can have fun with it while you are capturing images.

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