Thursday, 11 August 2011

Apple iPhone 5

Will the Apple iPhone 5 kill Nintendo? 


The next option will be alliances. Nintendo could perhaps maintain its own integrity by offering its titles on smartphone platforms, including Apple's, Android and Windows.

Apple iPhone 5
[ABOVE: Nintendo is fighting this.]
Consolidation is coming
Alternatively in exchange for as much money as it could get it could ally with just one platform. Another more extreme plan could see the firm reach a deal with Facebook, in which it offers games on that's company's promised future mobile device platforms. Or the firm could put itself up for acquisition.
Apple could -- but won't -- conceivably acquire Nintendo (market cap: $20 billion) today and still have the kind of change the US government can only dream of. Nintendo shares slipped 4.47 percent on trading yesterday.
All these patterns suggest some interesting high-level meetings between Nintendo and other players in this space are likely going on.
Ultimately the fate of the firm will be decided by 3DS sales during the Holiday season: if the device flops -- as well it might in the face of the iPhone 5, new iPod touch, iPad and other Apple products, then Nintendo executives will be under the most immense pressure to change their approach. After all, Super Mario won't be so super once the next generation of gamers forget he exists.

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